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Hey-o, I am ManiacalMaynard! A driven, self-taught, DIY-minded web developer who is voracious for new know-how so that I can continue to grow as a more well rounded maker of web experiences.

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UX Design, Figma, Hi-Fi Prototype

BierGarten Ordering App

A current work in progress / rough draft for the Google UX Design Certification. I have learned so much from this program! At times it's very comfortable using much the same thinking as visual design and art direction with which I am familiar. Then there are moments of "ohhhh!" when I learn something new. Seriously love challenging myself to keep learning and have found UX Design utterly fascinating!

Figma Prototype
Image of maynard's simple calculator javascript project

JavaScript, HTML 5, CSS 3

SciFi Calculator

My final project for the Foundations Course of The Odin Project. I wanted to challenge myself to built this from scratch without tutorial or reference aside from the code docs (MDN). A little daunting at first but ended up with fairly clean code that works as intended, so I'm chaulking it up as a win. Great fun honestly.

Live Page   -   GitHub Repo

HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript ES6

Baseball Opening Day Countdown

Got a bit of free time? Are you a nutty baseball fan? Know how to code? Whelp, this is what you get! Just "for fun" type project in large part as a practice exercise. When you are learning a new skill set the best thing you can do is use those skills. Much like building muscles or learning how to play a musical instrument we need to practice, evaluate, and practice some more in order to achieve mastery. See you all in March and April. Play ball!

Live Page   -   GitHub Repo

JavaScript, HTML 5, CSS 3

Simple Timer

A genuinely fun little single page app (SPA) built over lunch break as part of an online challenge. Asked a bunch of friends to beta test it and actually found a fault! The play button, if activated again, caused the timer function to run multiple instances and go berzerker! First QA success and fixed now =)

Live Page   -   GitHub Repo

HTML 5 & CSS 3

Jackie Robinson Tribute

Okay, so I may be a huge baseball fan and a lover of history. While studying with The Odin Project, one assignment was to build a simple landing page. I may have gone a bit beyond the brief but had a really fun evening coding this. Ended up liking it so much, it's structure became the skeleton for the site you are viewing now!

Live Page   -   GitHub Repo
Flim Flam poster design by maynard.

Illustrator, Photoshop, Digital Lithography

Flim Flam Poster

Bright, festive, alluring is what I would call this illustrious band of musicians. What an absolute pleasure to be invited to create a poster for this intrepid band of troubadors. Made up of roughly a dozen musicians, the Flim Flam is more of a olde tyme traveling show than a band in the modern sense. Musicians enter and mix between songs and you never know who will be playing when and with whom.

Their FaceBook Page

JavaScript, HTML 5, CSS 3

Uncarved Stone

Make a random quote generater they said. It will be fun they said! Well I did, and it was. Decided to go with slightly different content than the usual and with subject matter that I find inspiring at least. Created with vanilla JavaScript very early in my push to learn development and while it may not be the prettiest code I've ever written, I am still quite proud of it's simplicity.

GitHub Repo
Flim Flam poster design by maynard.

InDesign, Photoshop, Digital Lithography

History Snippets Book

An amazing and fun project! Asked to design and layout a collection of small history stories about my neighborhood by the wonderful local historian Katherine Hon. I was excited to not only get to work but to read every entry and learn about some offbeat and unforseen local history. Now in it's second printing!.

North Park Historical Society