Web Development / Graphic Design / Poster Art

Who is this Maynard guy?

Well, I am! A largely self-taught web developer & graphic artist who is currently open to long-term web development opportunities where I can contribute meaningfully, face new challenges, continue learning, and hopefully do some good in the world.

Coming from a long graphic design career I have turned my attention to full stack web development. Studying and learning everyday how to code organically, from scratch has been incredibly fascinating, challenging, and rewarding. Very much looking forward to more actively contribute to open source and other non-profit-motivated projects.

This is v0.5 of the new website and while I continue to add functionality please consider this something of a public beta. Let me know if you find any technical error, have any suggestions, or just want to chat. Hit me up at LinkedIn or email me.

So skill. Much learn. Wow.